Corporate social responsibility

Caring for the environment is a challenge we take very seriously. Naturally, we follow all the obvious principles such as recycling all materials used in our offices and R&D facilities, wherever possible.

At Vanglobe Matrix we recognise our responsibility to provide a safe working and trading environment for all our employees and Company visitors. We take a pro-active approach to safety. Each of our team has a part to play in maintaining safety standards through regular training and implementation of new safety procedures. We work continuously to maintain these very high standards which are demonstrated at all levels throughout the organisation.

As industry leaders, we’re also using our extensive technical knowledge to pioneer new ecologically sound production methods. We have an ongoing research programme dedicated to creating polymers that are easier to mould, so the process requires less energy. We’re also investigating production techniques that minimise energy and water consumption.

Once proven, we’ll alert the entire industry to these advances, helping everyone make a significant contribution to safeguarding the environment.